Best Effort Internet vs Dedicated Internet Access

What is Best-Effort Internet?

Most consumer-level Internet service plans are "best-effort" internet plans.
What does that mean? If you're purchasing a 20Mbps best-effort plan, consider it a good faith estimate of service up to 20Mbps at its optimum. "best-effort" because they're typically shared data lines amongst many customers like yourself. You share the same uplink to your Internet Service Providers as your neighbours, and as such, your upstream link fluctuates with the traffic your neighbours push over that same stream. The "best effort" services oversubscribe the bandwidth sold compared to the bandwidth available. Because not every customer is using their connection to the maximum during every minute of the day, this can be a satisfactory solution. Oversubscription can be the only way a small business or residential customer can receive Internet at an affordable price

What is Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated Internet Access Malaysia means that the specified amount of bandwidth sold has been carved out and dedicated for your business specifically. A dedicated line is exactly what it sounds like: data drawn directly between your businesses with your Internet service provider in Malaysia that only is committed to your business entirely. Mykris has been the esteemed provider of Dedicated Internet Access in Malaysia for more than a decade and have been equipping businesses ranging from small start-ups and SMEs as well MNC conglomerates with optimum guaranteed dedicated internet access in Malaysia

Why Should Businesses NOT Use "Best Effort" and Subscribe to Dedicated Internet Access?

Mykris is one of the few Internet service provider in Malaysia understands the needs of businesses and enterprises that rely extensively on heavy data transfer for mission-critical operations typically need something better than best-effort. The "best effort" plan is risky in a scenario where urgency of data delivery matters. In the case of critical business uptime and reliability, the method with the most reliability would be using a "dedicated" line. Mykris provides dedicated Internet access Malaysia solutions to businesses at a premium pricing with guarantees in Service Level Agreement ( SLA ) of minimum internet uptime of 99% to all its clientele. Mykris dedicated Internet access Malaysia solutions is being sold as a rated speed, not an up to speed. Businesses get the privilege of having their own personal lane on the Information Superhighway merely by subscribing to Mykris dedicated Internet access Malaysia solutions as opposed to sharing the same traffic lanes as everyone else ensuring that businesses get to travel at their exact speed that they were guaranteed even during times of day when traffic gets congested. If your business' success is absolutely reliant upon the Internet usage and speed, "best effort" Internet service plan translates into your business losing money. Subscribe to Mykris dedicated internet access Malaysia solutions today to stop losing money for your business.

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