How Do I Choose the Best Internet Service Provider?

There are several areas one can look into to judge whether or not they should be your reliable Internet Service Provider.

  • Download and Upload Speed. Everybody wants fast Internet access. Make sure you compare the speed they promise in your package. There are several websites that offers speed test. Be sure to test them out before committing.
  • Cost and Contract. Some service providers tie you down by either with a long contract period, or rental services on a long list of equipment (which you might not even use). Some even charges extra for installation fees. Be sure to lay out these costs before subscribing, and try not to get bundled in a long contract.
  • Terms of Service. Similarly, make sure you know what you are signing up for, and the limitations in the service. Data cap would be one very common misunderstanding between users and providers.
  • Reliability and Consistency. You need fast internet, but with consistency. Some providers promise fast internet at the cost of high latency during peak periods. Try doing a speed test to make sure they maintain consistent internet speed.
  • After Sales Service & Support. You will need support in the future. Make sure your provider is attentive to problems, which they should offer phone, email and chat customer support.