How Hybrid Networks Work


In today's business, the demand for Internet services has significant increased, becoming the vital pulse of businesses and more than just for staying connected. Mykris's Hybrid solution offers the benefits obtained from both wired and wireless networks by tailoring both networks to provide personalized solutions to the corporate sector, drastically reducing the probability for network failure down to almost zero. Hybrid connectivity solution provides the best of both wired and wireless connectivity networks for businesses and sustains optimum connectivity experience. Hybrid connectivity solution unites the wired network technology with wireless network technology by ensuring that the network technology can be interchangeable in the case of network failure.

Hybrid connectivity solution was developed internally due to the importance of the solution working as a specially designed broadband solution that caters for many enterprises across many sectors - such as hospitality, media publications, healthcare, airline and tourism.

Mykris hybrid Internet services are one of the few ISPs that can guarantee service uptime of between 99.3% to 99.9% by interchangeable filling any downtime 'gap' in the wired broadband lines, with wireless connectivity so users and customers will always have high-speed and quality online connection that meet industry requirements and operations.

Hybrid connectivity solution support mission critical business applications with secure high-speed connections as global connectivity is a must have in today's business environment. More IT managers, Chief Technical officer and business owners have come to recognize this setup as the best platform to create resilience and stability for their company

Our HYBRID Offers include:-

  • Hybrid IPVPN
  • Hybrid IPSEC
  • Hybrid MPLS
  • Hybrid Internet Leased Line
  • Hybrid Point to Point