As the threat of coronavirus continues to spread, businesses are sending employees home to work remotely.
In this current climate, MyKRIS is offering “Bandwidth-on-Demand” solutions for your corporation to burst extra bandwidth on your company’s VPN bandwidth loads.
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Today mission critical applications often need dedicated channels to transport data at higher bandwidth with guaranteed quality. At time the usage could be erratic and resulting an instant demand for additional bandwidth. On-demand services are increasingly becoming commonplace as a mean of optimizing cost and increasing efficiency. However, adjusting an enterprise's leased-line bandwidth is not quite a simple as changing the bandwidth of a LAN user and more often than not, it could be implemented immediately. In keeping with this on-demand requirement, MyKRIS now offers superb fixed-wireless based Broadband on demand (BonD), a value added service that is part of the MyKRIS portfolio. Broadband-on-Demand enables you to request additional Internet Bandwidth during heavy demand oeriods or for ad hoc applications operation needs. This flexibility allows the network to be utilized by businesses in ways that were not previously possible – while remaining very cost effective.

Flexible, cost effective bandwidth

As rates for internet bandwidth are in a constant state of flux, cost-conscious buyers with fluctuating bandwidth requirements now have the ability to buy additional bandwidth without having to enter into long-term contracts. I-Bond provides you with the ability to request a change in bandwidth allocation across MyKRIS dedicated wireless link, within the bounds of the physical circuit size, with a minimum usage period of 24 hours.

Multipurpose, value added feature

The I-Bond service has been designed as a value added service for MyKRIS clients. Instead of explicity outright purchase extra capacity during construction of the network, Broadband-on-Demand enables internet/intranet capacity to be increased on-demand and immediately reduced when the need has been addressed.

Advantages of MyKRIS I-Bond Service:

Attractive and Affordable

MyKRIS flexible pricing allows you to get that you want. By paying a minimal fee for upkeep, you may request for any amount of additional bandwidth on daily rate.

Prioritization and Filtering of Traffics

In order to maximize the usage of the bandwidth, MyKRIS I-Bond is bundled with packet filtering to allow traffic prioritization. You may request certain traffics i.e. P2P, HTTP etc utilization to be capped and free up more bandwidth for mission critical applications.

Fast & Efficient Deployment

The service can be implemented rapidly yet without compromising on quality of service! Typically the service will take within 7 working days to complete and the demanded bandwidth could be processed and activated in less than an hour and sometimes as little as minutes.