Meet WISP, The Wireless Future of Internet Service

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) & Cable Internet

DSL, cable and wireless Internet service are all forms of broadband Internet. This means that they each transmit information digitally (as bits of data) at speeds considerably higher than traditional dial-up service. DSL transmits this information across copper telephone lines and wires. Cable Internet transmits this information through coaxial cable networks. Wireless Internet transmits information using frequencies of radio waves.

Meet WISP, The Wireless Future of Internet Service
A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider with a network based on wireless networking such as Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet broadband service has the advantage of portability as businesses can surf online even away from business premise (if you are within your provider's coverage area). Fixed wireless service (which requires a fixed, external antenna), by contrast, is not portable.

Wireless Internet has the advantage of reaching many geographic areas where DSL and cable Internet service do not, such as rural and non-metropolitan areas

In the context of WISP Malaysia , Mykris has been one of the handful few provider of this service with proven track record of being the pioneer as well leading providers of WISP Malaysia servicing business from various industries over more than 14 years of reliability. WISP Malaysia are more commonly used and popular in non-metropolitan areas historically due to the absence of cable and DSL. WISP Malaysia have been based on the technology of transmitting signals through radio airwave frequencies enabling broadband network coverage for businesses in metropolitan areas and even in the rural parts of Malaysia.

The operating mechanism of Mykris WISP Malaysia involves pulling an expensive and large point-to-point connection to the center of the area that needs to be serviced. The process involves conducting site survey at the area for an elevated commercial building on which wireless equipment can be mounted via line-of-sight method. WISP Malaysia connect to a point-to-presence (POP) and then backhaul to the required towers, for business subscribers who wish to access Mykris' WISP Malaysia connection, access point is mounted on the roof of the business commercial building at its highest point and is pointed back to the Mykris WISP Malaysia nearest antenna site.

Mykris , the leading WISP Malaysia enables bandwidth to be tune up or down with a flick of a switch and can be done in a matter of minutes and hours. Increment and reduction of bandwidth can be activated with one phone call away as needed by businesses demand. WISP Malaysia enables internet service remain connected even when telephone cable connection is down thus businesses need not worry about connection and focus on business operations.