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Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) Malaysia

Unlike VPN's and MPLS networks, Metro Ethernet Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) is not a router based technology. Ethernet operates at the more fundamental transport layer, and creates point to point or point to multi-point paths using switches rather than routers. This means that in an Ethernet WAN, your carrier is essentially handing you a really long network cable, and your IT department, IT consultant, or Managed Router provider builds your own IP network on top of that. Metro-E service combines the benefits of Ethernet and optical technologies across cities to deliver a seamless integrated communications network for improved flexibility and performance, costs and bandwidth. MyKRIS Metro-E offers flexibility with decreased costs, to allow upgrades to meet company's growing bandwidth needs.

Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) offer dedicated bandwidth by giving your business specific data rate from end to end and guarantees high speed bandwidth connectivity up to 1Gbps. Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) connectivity also provides the privilege of low latency to businesses in order to maintain Quality of Service ( QoS) without comprising performance by managing both high speed bandwidth and low latency in a reliable fashion. All these translate to a fast, efficient and stable internet connection so your business can stay efficient all the time.

The Metro-E is specially designed to fit businesses with a scalable modal. Businesses that are particularly faced with challenges like increasing bandwidth demands, market expansions, limited IT staffs and tight budget. The system allows better communication flow across different departments for better collaboration. Metro-E links offices with an establish technology. It supports high speed data, Internet, VoIP and other web applications. You will be able to take advantage of your router interface with Metro E without the need to purchase additional equipments.

Why Use Metro Ethernet (Metro-E)?

Enterprises today work in an environment with demands of fast, consistent and cost effective network solution. Employees must be able to collaborate internally and externally to help business grow. Naturally companies will opt for Metro Ethernet but support business growth. Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) supports high speed data transmission, voice over IP, Internet and other web applications with flexible speed. There are prominent benefits that come with Metro-E. The system reduces your total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for WAN support expertise, equipments and facilities.

Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) is the perfect choice for small businesses. Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) provides cost-effective solution as shared Metro-E uses common enterprise IT infrastructure and resources to reduce costs. Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) services often cost less than competing services due to lower equipment, easier installation, service and maintenance, and operational costs. You only pay for what you use, which makes perfect sense for businesses that adopts seasonal marketing.

One of the biggest advantages Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) offers for businesses is the flexible network design. They provide simplified networking solutions with maximum security. Depending on your performance needs, Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) can be accustomed to accommodate your business demands. These are optimized to offer different extends of traffic prioritization, or to be scaled quickly and easily. This allows you to expand your network as when you require more bandwidth for different purposes. Upgrade easily with quick turnaround; your service can typically be up and running in as little as four business days after service order and acceptance.