Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) Services - A Technical Overview


Metro Ethernet (Metro-E)
Unlike VPN's and MPLS networks, Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) is not a router based technology. Ethernet operates at the more fundamental transport layer, and creates point to point or point to multi-point paths using switches rather than routers. This means that in an Ethernet WAN, your carrier is essentially handing you a really long network cable, and your IT department, IT consultant, or Managed Router provider builds your own IP network on top of that.

Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) BENEFITS
  • Ease of use
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Guaranteed dedicated high speed bandwidth& low latency

Ease of Use
Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) services are provided over a standard, widely available and well-understood Ethernet interface. Virtually all networking equipment and hosts connect to the network using Ethernet so using an Ethernet service to interconnect such devices simplifies network operations, administration, and management and provisioning (OAM&P). Mykris Metro Ethernet is simple to manage as all that is required is a standard connection from your Ethernet switch to your network.

Cost Effectiveness
Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) services can reduce subscribers' capital expense (CapEx) and operation expense (OpEx) in multiple aspects such as due to its broad usage in almost all networking products, the Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) interface itself is inexpensive. Mykris Metro Ethernet provides cost-effective solution as shared Metro-E uses common enterprise IT infrastructure and resources to reduce costs.Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) services often cost less than competing services due to lower equipment, service and operational costs. Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) services allow subscribers to add bandwidth incrementally, this allows businesses to add bandwidth as needed so they pay for only what they need.

Flexibility & Scalability
Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) service interface can connect multiple enterprise locations for their Intranet VPNs, connect business partners or suppliers via Extranet VPNs and provide a high speed Internet connection to an Internet Service Provider. With managed Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) services, subscribers are also able to upgrade bandwidth instantaneously instead of days or weeks when using other network services. These changes do not require the purchase of new equipment and additional training for staff. Therefore, Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) service is ideal for wide variety of business applications with voice, video and data.

Guaranteed Dedicated High Speed Bandwidth& Low latency
Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) offer dedicated bandwidth by giving your business specific data rate from end to end and guarantees high speed bandwidth connectivity up to 1Gbps.Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) connectivity also provides the privilege of low latency to businesses in order to maintain Quality of Service (QoS) without comprising performance by managing both high speed bandwidth and low latency in a reliable fashion. Low latency ensures the maximum end user connectivity experience and small delay times in order to enable smooth operation processes for businesses. High speed bandwidth and low latency are essential in real time applications as of where milliseconds and bit per second (bps) matters for your business.

Features of Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E)
  • Point-to-Point – Suitable for businesses which require dedicated bandwidth between different locations
  • Point-to-Multipoint – Ideal for connecting branch offices to centralized headquarter or data center.
  • Multipoint-to-Multipoint – Direct communication between all your multiple different locations while still allowing you to control your network communication policy.

Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) is the use of Carrier Ethernet technology in Metropolitan Aea Networks (MANs). Metro Ethernet can connect business local area networks (LANs) and individual end users to a Wide Area Network (WAN) or to the Internet.

The Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) provides superior performance that links your local and regional offices via an established technology used in many existing LANs today. Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) can connect business local area networks (LANs) and individual end users to a wide area network (WAN) or to the Internet. Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) can provide Intranet services for business with multiple branch offices regardless of regional or local geographical boundaries. It supports high-speed data, Internet, Voice over IP ( VoIP) , video streaming and other applications with flexible speeds up to 1 Gbps , yet is reliable , secure and cost-effective for businesses in any industry.

Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) utilizes Carrier Ethernet technology in metropolitan area networks (MANs).

Based on the Carrier Class Ethernet industry standards, the Mykris Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) is scalable for any form of businesses, eliminating barriers to efficiency, speed and performance through its simplified network architecture to efficiently connect to network services. With its guaranteed quality of service and round – the clock network monitoring, this services is ideal for a wide variety of business applications with voice, video, data and mission critical applications. Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) benefit businesses through its high scability technology that enables upgrades on bandwidth as of when required by business based on needs.