This is a plan to optimize your IT Operation cost with > 30% annually

  • We have successful helped > 100 enterprise
  • With nationwide branches and complex IT environment

MyKRIS 360 and Inclusion Network Service

MyKRIS 360 Inclusion Network Service

MyKRIS 360 Inclusion Network Services is an end-to-end approach to people and business. It is a "peace of mind" solution inclusive of Hybrid Net, Managed Services, and Managed Security.

Mykris 360 Inclusion Network Service

Hybrid Net

  • Zero Downtime
    • no service interruption will be happen as MyKRIS can guarantee service uptime of between 99.3% to 99.9% by interchangeable filling any downtime "gap" in the wired broadband lines.
  • Wired and Wireless Connection
    • offers the benefits obtained from both wired and wireless networks by tailoring both networks to provide personalized solutions to the corporate sector, drastically reducing the probability for network failure down to almost zero.
  • Speed Consistency
    • Wired networks always have an advantage of speed and stability over wireless network. Although recent advancements in Wireless Internet is closing the used-to-be prominent difference but you should always stick to wires internet connection for optimum speed and latency.
  • Flexibility, Burstable bandwidth
    • Burstable bandwidth is the flexible alternative to dedicated bandwidth which is a hosting option that allows sites to use the available network capacity to handle periods of peak usage.

Managed Services

  • Managed Business Internal Services
    • Dedicated high-speed internet access designed to provide scalable internet connectivity with high resiliency and low latency.
  • Managed Global WAN Services
    • Managed global WAN service coverage capitalizing on HGC global network with focus on Malaysian based multi-national companies.
  • Managed LAN Services
    • Network Infrastructure solutions for Routing and Switching, Core, Access and Optical Network, Wireless solution (Wi-Fi/WiMax) and Network Traffic Performance Analysis.
  • Managed National WAN Services
    • Managed business Internet Protocol (IP) service designed to provide all the simplicity and flexibility of IP networks.

Managed Security

  • 4 sessions
    • Train, Consult, Do, Monitor
  • Starter - Security Consultation for Information Security Assessment
    1. Interview key business department heads
    2. Review Network Architecture and security setups
    3. Provide advisories services on security protections
    4. Documentations on security framework and road map

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