Visitor Satisfaction Survey

1. How easy is it to navigate our website?
Extremely easy
Very easy
Moderately easy
Slightly easy
Not easy at all

2. How easy is it for you to find information you are looking for on our website?
Extremely easy
Quite easy
Moderately easy
Slightly easy
Not easy at all

3. How clear is the information available on our website?
Extremely clear
Quite clear
Moderately clear
Slightly clear
Not clear at all

4. How visually appealing is our website?
Extremely appealing
Quite appealing
Moderately appealing
Slightly appealing
Not appealing at all

5. How friendly and responsive is our website on your device when browsing the website?
Extremely friendly and responsive
Quite friendly and responsive
Moderately friendly and responsive
Slightly friendly and responsive
Not friendly and responsive at all

6. How professional is the look and feel of our website?
Extremely professional
Quite professional
Moderately professional
Slightly professional
Not professional at all

7. How up-to date is the content on our website?
Extremely up-to-date
Quite up-to-date
Moderately up-to-date
Slightly up-to-date
Not up-to-date at all

8. Overall, are you satisfied , neither satisfied nor dissatisfied or dissatisfied with our website?
Extremely satisfied
Quite satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Extremely dissatisfied

9. Do you have any other comments, feedbacks or concerns?

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