What is The Best Wireless Broadband Internet in Malaysia for You?

MyKRIS offers a wide gamut of different wireless broadband Internet services for different needs. Many will be torn between the major broadband service providers in the market today, and it is more than difficult for them to make the perfect choice. It boils down to the fact where, what do you need for your personal and business needs.
To help make better decisions, MyKRIS has listed out several important factors, which could help your decision making process an easier one.

  1. Personal Needs, or Business Needs?

    Different broadband specs are designed for different needs. A personal broadband must be either cheap, and to dedicate the bandwidth for a few users only. They are usually stable and reliable with a couple of users sharing the same network.
    Business broadband on the other hand charges a premium, but provides the business with very high bandwidth. This is to ensure a business, or a corporation can still work effectively with large number of employees. Most of the major network providers offer both business and personal broadband packages.

  2. Coverage

    Due to the fact where there are a numerous providers in the market, they don’t share infrastructures. This results in a stratification of broadband coverage around Malaysia. A good example will be 4G mobile internet (the fastest wireless broadband services in Malaysia at the moment), which only covers metropolitan areas around Malaysia. This is crucial for users to understand the coverage for their areas.

  3. Should you opt for Prepaid or Postpaid?

    If you are not consistently making use of your internet, we recommend a prepaid plan. The plan is best for users who need infrequent access to the internet. Prepaid plan usually comes without a package, and the billing goes by cost per broadband unit. Postpaid on the other hand, will provide you constant internet access, even when you don’t need it.

  4. Different Broadband Technologies

    We understand that plenty of the average consumer, and we feel the need to educate the general consumers. You should be aware that different technologies have its pros and cons.

    If your number one priority is speed, go for a fiber broadband network. The downloading and uploading speed is top of the line. The downside of a fiber connection is the high price tag, and long contract tie down period. On top of that, fiber internet is limited to the location where you have it installed.

    Wireless broadband on the other hand, is very handy for users who are always on the go, or to cater a large area of network coverage. Wireless internet in Malaysia is improving at a steady pace, which many businesses are adopting into their premises. Personal wireless broadband is also getting more affordable for users to bear. Overall the speed and stability for wireless internet is reliable to use in Malaysia. An amazing example will be the upcoming 4G LTE, the latest wireless broadband service which is fast, sleek and stable, which could be easily comparable to fiber networks.

    4G LTE is now the latest, and fastest wireless internet technology. Major operators in Malaysia readily offers 4G internet packages for local consumers. 4G LTE speed can go up to 150 Mbps, which is very fast and reliable.

  5. Data Quota

    Data quota shows the amount of data that you are allowed to use, normally calculated on a monthly basis. Broadband Services in Malaysia is very flexible, most users will be able to pick one that suits their usage pattern perfectly. So be sure to check their data quota before signing any packages.

  6. Budget

    The price for internet broadband services can vary widely depending on the data quota, technology, and operator so this is an important factor to consider. When deciding upon the best broadband package, be sure to stick within your own quota.

  7. After Sales Service

    After sales service/ Customer Service is another important area to consider, since your contract would probably last for the years ahead. You will face issues in the coming future, where several possible scenarios will happen, like slow connections, broken connection, payment issues, hardware issues, upgrades, downgrades, relocation etc. It will be easy to search for reviews online today, which is the best broadband for you in Malaysia.