Wireless Broadband & Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) - MyKRIS

Malaysia has a wide variety of different connectivity needs, among them one emerging quickly is wireless Internet. We always have a firm belief that the future of internet should be built upon mobility. We need instant access anytime, anywhere whether for business or home. Wireless Internet should also be stable, fast accompanied with low costing. MyKRIS is dedicated to help improve the sector.

We are trying to be the largest wireless Internet service provider in Malaysia. We dedicate a huge amount of resources in areas like range of speed, flexibility, reliability and R&D. We are trying to deliver our internet service at its best with affordable price tags. We have a huge variety of specifications to be customized for commercial and residential usages. This can be used to replace conventional cable internet services.

The revolutionary wireless Internet service can help improve coverage for remote locations, which is something Malaysia has been trying to achieve. These wireless internet service can be deployed in almost all places, for different time frames. They are the perfect choice. There are numbers of benefits for using wireless internet services:

  • Nationwide coverage even for remote areas.
  • Supports a variety of bandwidths.
  • Delivers fast, mobile and stable Internet access.
  • Supports multiple user access per site.
  • Full technical and management support.
  • Strong Security System.

Wireless Internet Service works perfectly for both primary and secondary internet access. MyKRIS deploys all the necessary equipment and support to set up wireless internet service, then manages the network to make it is working perfectly.