Bandwidth on Demand Malaysia – MyKRIS

Businesses rely heavily on internet access to ensure smooth operations with stakeholders. Today, there are plenty of corporations and enterprises require additional support for extra bandwidth at certain critical period throughout the year. Most often providers offer upgrade packages, which results in paying for additional bandwidth that are not fully utilized.

Bandwidth on Demand from MyKRIS allows you to attain additional bandwidth with minimal hassles, complications and additional set ups by creating dynamic point-to-point circuit. We are here to achieve fast, short term bandwidth upgrades to specifically meet your business needs. MyKRIS allows you to conveniently scale up your company's existing bandwidth with minimal turn over.

Bandwidth on demand is your perfect choice to respond to critical circumstances for internet demands, without sacrificing extra cost, interruptions and uptimes. Such circumstances can happen in events like short term marketing campaigns, data migrations, seasonal congestion or video broadcasts. There are numbers of benefits from using on demand bandwidth, just to name a few:

  • Increases your capacity up to 2 times
  • Flexible pricing model, so you don't have to pay extra
  • Instant and flexible upgrades
  • Hassle free setups and applications

We recommend bandwidth on demand for business that is in need for ad hoc video conferences, high internet access applications, network increase according to seasonal trends and project phases etc. MyKRIS promises additional bandwidth with no hassles and complications.