i-REACH (Premium)

i-REACH is a premium service offered via MyKris's wireless infrastructure which is designed to provide optimum performance for companies that on critical mission applications, such as SAP, ERP, VPN, Video Conference and more.

i-REACH is the prime wireless technology with the most resilient of solutions that comes with full redundancy, offering almost zero downtime to customers with full redundant backup link (up to 99.80% of Service Level Agreement)

MyKRIS I-Reach Wireless Broadband Package is a standard-setting broadband Internet access uses wireless technology to provide multi communication services in a rapidly deployed, highly scalable, reliable, cost effective manner and best of its class professional supports and services.

Designed to meet the demand for superior, reliable, and secure network communications, I-Reach provides businesses and organizations with high-speed, fully managed data services.

At MyKRIS, we reckon that corporate needs real time and online data and report on Internet Protocol traffic to ensure high performance for mission critical connection and applications. I-Reach is the answer.

The package is bundled with sensible and practical value added services (VAS) i.e. realtime PRTG chart, IP traffics prioritization and filtering, Service Level Agreement, Broadband on Demand, Firewall/Load Balancing Managed Service etc. The VAS can be customized and tailored to business operation and IT needs to optimize the performance and stability.