Mykris Value Added Services

From Mykris valuable experiences providing Internet service and supporting academic and campus environment, we would like to highlight few value added services that Mykris is pleased to provide:

1. Network Managed Service (NMS)
2. Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service (QoS)
3. Traffic Monitoring and Filtering
4. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
5. Co-Location Service
6. V-Care Engineering Service

1. Network Managed Service

Mykris provides end-to-end network management through the NOC. Acting as "mission control," the NOC uses proprietary network management tools and systems to monitor the network 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week; identify and resolve potential issues before they affect the network; and manage performance along the entire path. From the centralized NOC, Mykris can manage multiple Robust Node locations, local caching servers, and other network infrastructure. Mykris's carefully designed, consistent system configuration and management also enable the NOC to provide a high level of overall system security and reliability. We are pleased to extend the online services via our secured web service to our dedicated customers who may require certain information i.e. utilization, link performance, packets, policies etc on real-time basis as and when they need it.

Apart from monitoring the network performance parameters proactively, our NOC alert system sends alert on any potential degradation of quality of service which could be affected by network components i.e. router, firewalls, wireless bridges etc. It helps tremendously in preventing the service interruption and improve on service turn around time.

2. Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service

Go far beyond routers with unparalleled QoS and traffic shaping with simple prioritization to ensure critical applications (including bandwidth max or min per application, user or flow). Also, limit or block recreational and malicious traffic. It gives our client content-aware control of today’s web-integrated WAN. Prioritize important applications like Oracle, SAP, WebApps and Office365. Assure quality for VoIP and videoconferencing. Contain recreational traffic to any level specify. PacketShaper’s unique integration of application and web content intelligence gives you the x-ray vision needed to monitor today’s network traffic, and enforces your rules with priority, partition and rate control technologies.

3. Traffic Monitoring and Filtering

From experience, most of the corporate normally does not do any Internet traffic prioritization and filtering. The free flow environment at times resulting poor performance particularly when the Internet service is being shared among the staffs and senior management. The uncontrolled peer to peer (P2P) and HTTP download for unproductive files i.e. movies, music etc consumed big bulb of bandwidth and causing the performance of mission critical applications.

4. Service Level Agreement

Performance, Reliability and Availability of service has become so crucial for corporate that leveraging on Internet for mission critical application or task. At Mykris, our robust network is structured, sophisticated, and redundant with no single points of failure. This delivers a significant performance and redundancy improvement over Internet connectivity strategies. Mykris's proven record of an aggregate average > 99.3% network uptime sets a high standard for reliability. For critical application and stringent availability requirement, customer may opt for Mykris 99.3% of Service Level Guarantee. Couple with the SLA, there is a comprehensive compensation scheme that ties to service uptime. In MyKRIS, we guarantee every penny pay is value for money.

5. Co-Location Service

These primary services will benefit from MyKRIS managed services as Mykris is able to provide the following:

1. Managed Security
2. Managed Availability
3. Managed Bandwidth
4. Managed Environment

With these services hosted at Mykris, attacks on essential services such as the “Blaster Virus” or “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDOS) can be controlled and its effect can be minimized. Should the primary servers become unavailable due to such attacks, Mykris will be able to redirect traffic to a secondary set of servers located within the same premise.

Mykris also provide bandwidth management services for co-location. This service would ensure that essential services are provided with a different class of priority service. Mykris will also be able to ensure that the services will be hosted under a suitable environment, protected by UPS and under a controlled environment monitored 24 hours by highly qualified engineers and support people. Mykris is working with established Data Center located strategically in i.e. Cyberjaya CX1, AIMS in Kuala Lumpur City Center, SUNTECH Cyber Building in Penang and all points of presence where Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) hosted the peering service.

6. V-Care Engineering Service

In the event that phone assistance can resolve the problem, Mykris will then arrange for support-on-site (S.O.S) service. Maximum response time over the phone is two (2) hours and response time on-site is about four (4) hours or next business day. Our specialist will perform onsite troubleshooting to restore the service and perform preventive maintenance, hardware replacement, third party products 1st level troubleshooting etc.

Project Implementation and Installation
The service provides dedicated team of specialist with proven experience in Project Installation & Implementation. The complete cycle starting from environment preparation to project management; covering installation, configuration and multivendor integration services. This service also includes testing, certification and commissioning with proper documentation.

Multivendor Maintenance Services
Our alliances enable us to provide warranty or post-warranty support on most of the networking products (servers, workstations, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancer etc). The service includes support-on-site (S.O.S) and hardware maintenance. Our specialist will perform preventive maintenance, product warranty claim, problem tracking, firmware upgrade etc.